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We are Here to Counsel & Assist in The Planning & Preparation Course Of Your Future Careers & Study Opportunities.

Yonder Education Services

Yonderken education is an offshoot of YonderKen, that provides counselling services for students who are interested in studying abroad in countries that include, but are not limited to: Malysia, Turkey, Japan, China, Australian, Newsenld, Inonesia

Are Education services include:
• Curriculm Development
• education consultancy
• Education Program Devleopemnt
• Vocatonal Educational and Trining (VET)
• Education events

Yonder Training

• IT Business & Management
• IT Technical
• Performance And Organizational Development
• Academic And Marketing Research
• Technology Enhanced Learning
• Multimedia

Yonder Business Solutions & It Consultancy

• E-Commerce
• Enterprise Resource Planning
• Smart Systems
• Mobile Application Systems
• Market Research
• It Enabled Organizational Transformation
• Ict Legal Consulting & Business Compliance

Yonder Art

• Branding Strategy
• Brand Design
• Advertisings
• Conversion, Traffic & Engagement
• Graphic Design
• Content Creation
• Website Design And Development
• Video Design And Production
• Digital Marketing
• Search Engine Optimization



We care
with empathy and respect

We Deliver
With passion and commitment

We lead
with inspiration and integrity


We intend to be a global player in our area of work by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability. We believe that being a consultancy service provider places immense responsibility on our shoulders to guide businesses towards success and we love doing it and will always do so.


Excellence is the only choice for us. We use the latest technology and methods to provide our customers high quality, customised and convenient services. We assist businesses understand their needs better and help them embark a path of continuous improvement.

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